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Girlfriend Of Passenger On Flight 370 Says A Family Member Saying Plane Was Followed By Fighter Jets

Why You Should Never, Ever, Ever Get A Tattoo (but Having a Baby is Fine)

The Ugly Volvo

I’m not super pro-tattoo or anti-tattoo.  I’ve debated getting one in the past but never that seriously.  But my mother is vehemently anti-tattoo.  Listed below are the reasons my mother has always given me for why I shouldn’t get a tattoo.

And I understand that she’s from a different generation.  And I love my mother very much.  She’s a really wonderful person and I’m not saying none of them is a legitimate reason, but I’m saying that after having a child, I find it really hard to take any of them seriously.

And so in case you were headed out to the tattoo parlor as we speak, here are:


1.  “A Tattoo is Forever”

Yes, a tattoo is forever.  Totally forever!  Except that a tattoo can, if needed, be erased with a laser.

 *Some of you read that and immediately thought, "I am so exhausted, please I need a laser that can temporarily erase a three year-old," but sorry, that is not a thing that exists.  

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A Style Post: Heart Print Shirts & Leather Skirts


Hi All! 🙂

I bought a Burberry-inspired, heart print shirt. The trend exploded at the end of the summer, when everyone from Harry Styles to Clare Danes was wearing a version. I didn’t buy a designer one, mine’s from Topshop. I have a soft spot for a good shirt, and I’ve worn this one so much it has started piling. 😦 Sad times. It hasn’t stopped me wearing it, I went for a walk around central London on Sunday; I adore the City, Fleet Street and all around St. Paul’s on Sundays, it’s almost eerily quiet, most pubs are closed and there are very few people about.

It means you can wander around looking up at the architecture with a far smaller chance of bumping into an off-duty lawyer or banker, or stepping out in front of a taxi. It also means you can walk along from street to street…

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Cassadee Pope is sweet in her video “I Wish I Could Break Your Heart”

How To: Ace The First Date

New Chivalry Movement

Alright, gentlemen,

I know some of these will probably be painfully simple – but you’d be surprised how often they go overlooked.

You had what it takes to score yourself a first date, now make sure you do what it takes for a second one.

As crazy as some of this might sound, some of this article is inspired by actual stories from actual girls who had actual experiences. Here goes…

  • Do – Guys, pick her up. 
  • Don’t – Make her meet you at your destination.

Put in the extra effort, don’t make her take a cab or take her own car. Some women may not feel comfortable with you knowing where they live before they get to know you, so if she insists, agree on meeting.

Bonus: Are you really into her? Use the Uber app on your phone to send a black car to pick her up. It’s…

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Ubisoft Details Its Gorgeous New Snowdrop Engine (Video)

My Nintendo News

Go behind the scenes at Massive Entertainment — A Ubisoft Studio, and discover the power of the Snowdrop engine; Massive’s in-house answer to video game creation on the new generation of consoles. Snowdrop supports the philosophy of the studio to work better, not bigger, by giving content creators the freedom to experiment, prototype and truly unleash their creativity.

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New Cryengine Showcase Trailer Shows Off Monster Hunter And Others

My Nintendo News

Crytech have posted a demonstration video of the latest Cryengine at this year’s Games Developer Conference. Cryengine is an advanced game development solution with scalable computation and graphic technologies, effectively making it the fastest high-end renderer in the world. In recent years, many game developers that are looking to create superior gaming experiences have chosen the all-inclusive Cryengine toolbox. These games truly manage to get the best out of Cryengine, as demonstrated in this special showcase trailer.

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Most Girls Aren’t Ready For A Good Man

James Michael Sama

I recently came across a very interesting article titled “Most Women Don’t Deserve A Good Man” and posted it on Facebook for discussion. By the way, there is a reason I used “girls” in my title rather than “women.”

While reading through the article, I was reminded of my days of frequenting and working as a promoter in nightclubs. People in their late teens and early twenties throwing all caution to the wind and enjoying every minute of dancing and debauchery. Ah, those were the days.


The author of the article singles out a 22-year old bartender at a local pub, and her friend, as the subjects in the article. He asks: “So what exactly qualifies you, or any modern American woman as someone who deserves a good guy”?

I think this is the wrong question. When I was 22, I probably didn’t “deserve” a good woman, either…

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