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Dhoom 3


One of the basic differences between Hollywood and Bollywood action movies is, Hollywood flicks have primary plot and secondary action sequences while Bollywood have primary action sequences around which plot is created. The result is, mind-less action and logic-less story-line !! Dhoom-3 is no exception and certainly much weaker than its prequels 😦

Unnecessary lengthen chases and acrobatics makes movie stretched, tedious and monotonous. Screen-play lacks thrill, innovation, imagination and logic. Locations, sets and cinematography are good. Songs are vigorously choreographed with delightful visuals.

Aamir is too good with his facial expressions. Katrina is a show-piece. Abhishek and Uday has not improved in last nine years 😦

Age has shown its effect on the faces of all four and certainly will be old for the sequel, if any.

Sidhi baat, no bakvaas:

Worth morning or Tuesday shows (low costs), mindless low entertainer than its prequels 😦

Movie Wisdom:

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