iPhone 5c review: Old wine in a colourful new bottle, but still worth a buy

iPhone 5c review – With rumours floating around that the new Apple iPhone will be called the 5c, people were quick to jump to the conclusion that it will be a cheaper version of the phone. In fact, that was just wishful thinking, for the iPhone 5c

Apple iPhone 5c is available at Rs 41,990 onwards

turned out to be anything but cheap. In hindsight, it seems the C actually stood for colour.

Apple iPhone 5c


This is the most colourful any iPhone has ever been. The iPhone 5c

is available in a wide array of colours, with the white one being the most sober. That could be a problem for people who want this phone but without the riot of colours. For instance, you would need a black cover. I just can’t get why there wouldn’t be a black body option.

Apple iPhone 5c

The iPhone 5c is also super thin and light. My primary device is an iPhone 4 and the 5c is almost half its thickness. Plus, Apple sort of shows the world how to use plastic without making the device feel flimsy or cheap. I doubt if any other manufacturer has executed a plastic body better. The 5c has a solid feel, and the only time you realise the body is plastic is when you tap on it.

The volume buttons are now oblong instead of the circles in the iPhone 5, which this phone is replacing. The only other difference is at the bottom where you now have just four holes instead of the speaker grille in the earlier version.

Apple iPhone 5c

These iPhones also usher in a new range of headphone that have a design that fits in your ear better then the round shaped in-ear models. The sound quality did not seem much different from before, but the shape definitely does make a difference as far as comfort is concerned.

Apple iPhone 5c


The iPhone 5c is actually the iPhone


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